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Table 1 Overview of experimental stroke models

From: Rodent models of focal cerebral ischemia: procedural pitfalls and translational problems

Cerebral Ischemia Etiology Reperfusion (transient ischemia) or permanent ischemia Examples
Global (complete or incomplete) = model of circulatory arrest or severe hypotension Intravascular Transient or permanent Cardiac arrest with or without cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  Extravascular Transient or permanent Cervical compression by neck cuff; ligation of several brain-supplying arteries
Focal Intravascular Transient or permanent Intraluminal thread middle cerebral artery occlusion model
  Extravascular Transient or permanent Surgical middle cerebral artery occlusion models using ligation, clipping, electrocauterization etc.; endothelin-1-induced middle cerebral artery occlusion
Multifocal Intravascular Transient (spontaneous lysis or thrombolytic therapy possible in blood clots) or permanent Embolization models using blood clots, microspheres or other embolus material