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Figure 2

From: Dynamics of neuroinflammation in the macrosphere model of arterio-arterial embolic focal ischemia: an approximation to human stroke patterns

Figure 2

Infarct demarcation and cellular response. H&E (A-C), GFAP (D-F) and ED1 (G-I) staining 24 h, 3 d, and 7 d after infarct induction. The infarct is increasingly demarcated over time by reactive astrocytes that accumulate in the vital tissue bordering the infarct. Scars circumscribe the infarcted tissue but GFAP-positive cells do not enter the infarct zone up to day 7. Phagocytic cells including transformed microglia and hematogeneous macrophages accumulate at the infarct border in the necrotic tissue. Objective: 1×; bar: 200 μm.

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