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Figure 3

From: The combination of stem cell factor and granulocyte-colony stimulating factor for chronic stroke treatment in aged animals

Figure 3

Mobilization of bone marrow stem cells into the blood by SCF+G-CSF treatment during chronic stroke in aged C57BL mice. Bone marrow stem cells in the blood were determined with an anti-CD117 antibody through flow cytometry. A-C: Flow cytometry data. D: Quantification data. Note that SCF+G-CSF treatment results in a significant elevation of circulating bone marrow stem cells in a dose-dependent manner. ** p < 0.01 as compared to saline controls. One-way ANOVA corrected with Bonferoni/Dunn. S+G: SCF+G-CSF. S200+G50: SCF (200 μg/kg) + G-CSF (50 μg/kg). All dose, μg/kg. Mean ± SE. N=5.

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