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Figure 3

From: Coadministration of FTY720 and rt-PA in an experimental model of large hemispheric stroke–no influence on functional outcome and blood–brain barrier disruption

Figure 3

FTY720 does not enhance blood–brain barrier patency in large hemispheric infarcts neither alone nor in combination with rt-PA. A) For the determination of wet brain weight, the cerebellum was discarded and brain hemispheres were frozen separately at −80°C. The frozen brain hemispheres were weighed prior to homogenization. Only mice whose ischemic hemisphere (I) showed an increase of wet brain weight of ≥ 10% in comparison to the non-ischemic hemisphere (NI) were included in our analysis. B) EB (200 μl of a 2% solution) was injected 1 h prior to sacrifice and transcardial perfusion. We excluded mice who showed more EB extravasation into the NI hemisphere and mice who died within the EB circulation time of 1 h. Statistical significance of the differences between groups was tested with One-way ANOVA with Bonferroni correction. ns indicates not significant.

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