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Figure 1

From: NAC changes the course of cerebral small vessel disease in SHRSP and reveals new insights for the meaning of stases - a randomized controlled study

Figure 1

Microbleeds in treated and non-treated SHRSP. Microbleeds in the basal ganglia of a 40 weeks old treated (<150 μm, A) and a 31 weeks old non-treated SHRSP (> 150 μm, B). The histograms of all animals with cerebral microbleeds (n=31) show significant more microbleeds per animal in the treated group (C) caused by significant more small microbleeds (< 150 μm) per animal (A &C) and age (D) in the treated group. In contrast, compared to the non-treated group the treated rats were less often affected by microbleeds > 150 μm (C). A, B HE staining, basal ganglia, magnification 200, ** p ≤ 0.05.

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