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Figure 3

From: NAC changes the course of cerebral small vessel disease in SHRSP and reveals new insights for the meaning of stases - a randomized controlled study

Figure 3

Arteriolar erythrocyte accumulations in treated and non-treated SHRSP. Arteriolar erythrocyte accumulations in a 18 weeks old (A) and in a 36 weeks (B) non-treated animal and 32 weeks (C) old treated animal. Comparing both groups, the treated and the non-treated SHRSP, those arteriolar erythrocyte accumulations were less detectable in the treated animals (D). Note the initiating (arrow, B) and complete (arrow, C) diapedesis of the intravasal accumulated erythrocytes throughout the damaged small vessel wall leading to microbleeds in the adjacent parenchyma (asterisk, C). A-C HE staining, cortex, magnification 200, ** p ≤ 0.05.

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