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Figure 5

From: Intravital imaging in spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rats-a pilot study

Figure 5

Distribution of Dextran and demonstration of endothelial leaks. Dextran (70 kDa) was applied in 30-32 weeks old SHRSP (A-D) under in vivo conditions and visualized by Rhodamin post mortem. A shows vessel wall adherent accumulations of Dextran (white arrow), in B perivascular deposits are detected (white arrow). Note the co-localization of IgG and Dextran in C indicating the detection of BBB breakdown by Dextran. A – corpus callosum, B, C – cortex; STL – solanum tuberosum lectin, IgG – Immunglobulin G, DAPI – 4′.6-Diamidin-2-phenylindol.

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