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Figure 8

From: Development and characterization of a Yucatan miniature biomedical pig permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion stroke model

Figure 8

Remote zone areas of the ipsilateral hemisphere display cortical thinning and white matter astrogliosis. Transverse sections through the center of infarct (denoted by arrows) showed gyri away from the center of injury are thinner on the ipsilateral side (A). Gyrus on unaffected side (*) has an overall diameter greater than the affected (**) side (B, C). Outer and inner cortices (C) of the unaffected side are 1.95 mm and 1.54 mm, respectively and white matter (W) is 0.42 mm (B). Gyrus on affected side has outer and inner cortices (C) of 1.61 mm and 1.43 mm, respectively, and white matter (W) of 0.54 mm (C). While the overall diameter of the gyrus on the right infarcted side is less than the unaffected side, this is due to cortical thinning as the white matter on the affected side has an increased diameter due to astrocytosis and astrogliosis as seen by increased GFAP staining (brown) of the white matter.

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