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Table 1 Experimental protocols

From: Platelet rich clots are resistant to lysis by thrombolytic therapy in a rat model of embolic stroke

  Study 1 Study 2
Location Newcastle, Australia Bad Nauheim, Germany
Aim Develop model, Determine spontaneous recanalization rate Determine recanalization rates with microbubble + sonothrombolysis enhancement of tPA
Primary Outcome [method] Recanalization [Laser Doppler] Recanalization [Laser Doppler]
Secondary Outcome(s) [method] Infarct Volumes [TTC], Mortality, Neurological Deficit scores Clot lysis [Inspection of the major branches of the cerebral arterial circulation]
Survival post-embolism 24 h 2 h
Treatment groups (n) No treatment (n = 7) Saline (n = 10), tPA (n = 10), tPA + Ultrasound + BR38 microbubbles (n = 10)
Laser Doppler Monitoring Continuous Discontinuous
To 4 h post-embolism Pre-embolism, Post-embolism, Pre-treatment, Post-treatment