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Fig. 2

From: Cerebral collateral circulation in experimental ischemic stroke

Fig. 2

Monitoring of cerebral collateral flow in experimental ischemic stroke using multi-site Laser Doppler flowmetry. a The positions of the Laser Doppler probes are shown, with reference to their underlying MCA territory (white dotted line) and bregma. Probe 1 = central MCA territory (ischemic core; −1 mm from bregma, 5 mm from midline); Probe 2 = MCA–ACA borderzone territory (collateral flow; +2 mm from bregma, 2 mm from midline). b Laser Doppler tracings are shown from a representative animal showing a larger perfusion deficit in Probe 1 compared to Probe 2 during MCAO, suggesting functionally active intracranial collaterals under ischemic conditions. P.U. perfusion units

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