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Fig. 3

From: Treatment with FTY720 has no beneficial effects on short-term outcome in an experimental model of intracerebral hemorrhage

Fig. 3

Outcome 24 and 72 h after ICH induction. A 5-point score and a standard hanging wire test were used. No statistical difference was found between FTY720 treated mice and controls at 24 h using the 5-point-score [FTY720: n = 21, controls: n = 21; p = 0.486 (a)] or the standard hanging wire test [p = 0.710 (b)]. Similarly, evaluation 72 h after ICH induction did not reveal a significant difference between groups using the 5-point score [FTY720: n = 16, controls: n = 14; p = 0.191 (c)] or the hanging wire test [p = 0.816 (d)]

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