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Fig. 1

From: Pathophysiology and management of reperfusion injury and hyperperfusion syndrome after carotid endarterectomy and carotid artery stenting

Fig. 1

CT scan of the brain (axial sequence) shows an area of hyperdensity in the right frontal lobe suggestive of intracerebral hemorrhage (arrow) in a 67 year old woman who underwent right carotid endarterectomy (CEA) for the treatment of a 95 % right ICA stenosis. The patient post-operatively developed headache, photophobia and intermittent dizziness. This CT brain was done almost 24 h after the CEA. Systolic blood pressure was in the 170 s mm Hg and difficult to control as after CEA there was thought to be a clamp injury to the right carotid artery bulb. However, the patient did well clinically and at her 3 month follow up office visit, she had no residual neurological deficits

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