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Figure 1

From: Comparison of humoral neuroinflammation and adhesion molecule expression in two models of experimental intracerebral hemorrhage

Figure 1

Characterization of the used ICH models. (a) Representative images from the same anatomical region at 24 h after sham operation, intrastriatal injection of 0.045 U collagenase ("Collagenase") or 30 μl autologous blood ("Blood") as used for measurement of hematoma volume. (b) Hemorrhage volume was determined 24 h after ICH by integration of serial coronal sections, no difference between the collagenase and blood injection model was detected (n = 7, 2 individual experiments). (c) Overall mortality was determined for all animals used in this study treated by sham operation or ICH induction by one of both models, respectively. (d) Body weight and rectal body temperature was measured in naïve mice and at the indicated time points after sham operation or ICH induction by the respective model (n = 6-11 per group).* p < 0.05 between Sham and Collagenase; # p < 0.05 between Sham and Blood.

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