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Figure 1

From: Platelet glycoprotein Ibα is an important mediator of ischemic stroke in mice

Figure 1

Regional cerebral blood flow and cerebral vasculature in WT and GPIbα/IL4Rα mice. (A) Representative stainings of cerebral vasculature by black ink perfusion of WT and GPIbα/IL4Rα mice. (B) Score assessing the posterior communicating arteries perfusion of WT (n = 5) and GPIbα/IL4Rα mice (n = 3). (C) Regional cerebral blood flow of the right middle cerebral artery territory of WT (n = 5) and GPIbα/IL4Rα mice (n = 3), measured at baseline, during occlusion and 15 min after reperfusion (reperfusion). (D) Platelet counts of WT (n = 9) and GPIbα/IL4Rα mice (n = 6). No statistically significant differences were observed in all parameters (A-D).

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