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Figure 6

From: The combination of stem cell factor and granulocyte-colony stimulating factor for chronic stroke treatment in aged animals

Figure 6

Functional recovery evaluation after SCF+G-CSF treatment during chronic stroke in aged SHRs. Noting that long-lasting functional improvement is seen in SCF+G-CSF (S+G) at doses of 100μg/kg SCF with 25μg/kg G-CSF (S+G-100/25) and 50μg/kg SCF with 25μg/kg G-CSF (S+G-50/25). Treatment with 20μg/kg SCF with 10μg/kg G-CSF (S+G-20/10) only shows temporal improvement in functional outcome. # p < 0.05 and * p < 0.01 vs. control and the two lower doses: S+G-10/5μg/kg and S+G-5/2.5 μg/kg. N=3-8. Mean ± SE.

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