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Figure 2

From: Coadministration of FTY720 and rt-PA in an experimental model of large hemispheric stroke–no influence on functional outcome and blood–brain barrier disruption

Figure 2

FTY720 in conjunction with rt-PA does not improve survival or functional neurological outcome in large hemispheric infarctions. A) Mice were randomized to four different treatment groups (n = 18/group). Operation, treatment and neurological evaluation were performed in a blinded fashion. The mortality rate of each treatment group is given over the respective column. B) Functional neurological outcome on a 14-point scoring scale was evaluated at 24 h after the onset of ischemia. Each dot represents an individual mouse. Bars depict median values. Statistical significance of the differences between groups was tested with Kruskal Wallis test with Dunn’s correction for multiple comparisons. ns indicates not significant.

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