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Figure 2

From: NAC changes the course of cerebral small vessel disease in SHRSP and reveals new insights for the meaning of stases - a randomized controlled study

Figure 2

Thromboses and infarcts in treated and non-treated SHRSP. Thromboses (A-C) with associated luminal hemorrhages (asterisk, B &C) and adjacent - to some extent hemorrhagic (arrow, B) - tissue infarcts (A-C). D - The histogramms of all animals with cerebral thromboses (n=7) show less thromboses per animal in the treated group. A-C HE staining, A – 31 weeks old non-treated SHRSP, basal ganglia, B – 42 weeks old treated SHRSP, cortex, C – 31 weeks old non-treated SHRSP, cortex; magnification 200.

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