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Figure 3

From: Anti-Vascular endothelial growth factor therapy impairs endothelial function of retinal microcirculation in colon cancer patients – an observational study

Figure 3

a-b Blood pressures and frequency bands of R-R interval during autonomic testing in response to bevacizumab infusion. The blood pressure response to the vasodilator nitroglycerin was largely preserved except for diastolic blood pressure during passive standing (Figure 3 a). Cardiovascular perturbation by deep breathing and head-up tilt evoked a physiological shift from high to low frequency oscillations in R-R interval which was unaffected by bevacizumab treatment (Figure 3 b). Adequate adjustments of baroreflex sensitivity were only observed in response to postural change but not to deep breathing irrespective of bevacizumab treatment. Legend: BP, blood pressure; BRS, baroreflex sensitivity; DB6, deep breathing at six cycles per minute; HF, high frequency oscillations; LF, low frequency oscillations; Nitro, nitroglycerin; +Nitro, Nitroglycerin application during head-up tilt before (smooth lines) and after (Broken lines) bevacizumab infusion.

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