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Figure 2

From: Development and characterization of a Yucatan miniature biomedical pig permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion stroke model

Figure 2

ADC mapping is important for stroke discrimination. T2-weighted transverse (A & D), dorsal plane DWI (B & E) and ADC maps (C & F) are shown of animals that underwent stoke surgery. Animals that were unsuccessfully stroked (A-C) and successfully stroked (D-E) both had abnormal territorial parenchymal T2w hyperintensity in the right cerebral hemisphere in T2 (A & D) and DWI (B & E) images indicative of neural injury. However, the reduced territorial signal intensity on ADC maps seen in panel (F) is consistent with the restricted diffusion that is typical of infarctions, while this is not observed in panel (C).

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