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Figure 5

From: Development and characterization of a Yucatan miniature biomedical pig permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion stroke model

Figure 5

Gross morphological changes in two representative stroked pigs. A, B (in situ), and C are lateral and dorsal views and a transverse section through the infarct core of one pig, respectively. D, E, and F are from a second pig. The lateral area of the infarct cores are 7.04 cm2 (A) and 9.42 cm2 (D). The core in A is well circumscribed and depressed with adherent meninges (M). The core in D is less circumscribed, slightly depressed and when the brain was removed adherent meninges pulled and disrupted a portion of thinned necrotic parenchyma (arrow). Note decreased vascular density around the core in both brains. From the dorsal surface, in both brains, the entire right hemisphere (stroked side) is smaller than the left. The stroke volumes are 14.14 cc (B) and 5.69 cc (E). On transverse section, there is extensive loss of cortical and subcortical white matter on the right side in the first pig (C). Less extensive tissue loss is present in second animal (F), but the right lateral ventricle is dilated and communicates with the surface.

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